Thursday, January 25, 2007

Close Guantanamo

For the past five years, the United States has held hundreds of men from over 45 countries in Guantanamo Bay. Not a single person has been convicted of a crime, and three men died of apparent suicides. Today marks five years since the US first transferred men to indefinite and arbitrary detention. Five years of lawlessness is enough – demand that the detention facilities at Guantanamo be closed.

Amnesty International USA

George W. Bush (Republican) - President

Call for the Closure of Guantanamo

I urge you to take all necessary steps to close the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Over the past five years, the US has detained over 700 men from over 45 nations in Guantanamo. Despite numerous allegations of torture and ill-treatment, international condemnation, three deaths in custody, several unfavorable court decisions, and not a single conviction of a detainee for any crime, your administration has responded by building more permanent facilities. No amount of permanent structures will make the detentions at Guantanamo lawful – it is time to shut it down.

Guantanamo has come to symbolize US human rights violations committed in the name of the β€œwar on terror.” People currently in Guantanamo have been subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Some have been subjected to unfair trial proceedings. Some have been rendered to third countries that torture. Still others have been disappeared into secret CIA prisons. By continuing to insist that the United States has the right to detain people indefinitely without access to courts and outside the rule of law, you have placed the United States squarely on the wrong side of history and in defiance of international law.

The America I believe in would close Guantanamo and lead the world on human rights. Five years of lawlessness is too long. All those detained in Guantanamo should be charged immediately and given a fair trial, or released unconditionally and not sent anywhere where they would face torture or other human rights abuses. It is time to bring America back into the community of nations as a country that upholds human rights and the rule of law.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stop Escalation in Iraq

Peace Action has created this reaction to Bush's refusal to accept the public's wishes to end this war.   A poll taken after his speech shows 70% - 30% that people oppose sending more troops.   This along with Republicans taking a stand against him clearly shows he is not listening and will not listen to us without extreme pressure.

Not much can be further said about what this madman is capable of doing.   The time to stop the repeat of mistakes he has made over and over is at hand.   We must take every opportunity to let our lawmakers know that we want it stopped and our troops brought home.   I urge you to join me in this effort...   - fc
Peace Action

Stop the escalation in Iraq
- A non-binding resolution is not enough

Washington, D.C. - The nation's largest grassroots peace organization today condemned President Bush's "new strategy" for Iraq as out of touch with reality and a recipe for continued violence, and urged Congress to act decisively to stop the planned escalation of the war.

"Mr. Bush says that 'failure in Iraq would be disastrous,' yet it is his own policy of invasion and occupation that has failed so miserably, and that is precisely why we are seeing the disastrous consequences in Iraq and the Middle East today," said Kevin Martin, Executive Director of Peace Action. "He talks about sending in more U.S. troops to quell the insurgency, yet it is the very presence of our troops, seen as an occupying force by most Iraqis, that sparked the insurgency. He talks about the war in Iraq as part of a war on terror, yet he ignores the unanimous conclusion of his own intelligence agencies, in a National Intelligence Estimate leaked last fall, that the U.S. presence in Iraq has made the terrorist problem worse."

"Mr. Bush is willing to ignore the clear reality on the ground, disregard the advice of his own generals, and dismiss the will of the American people, who oppose this escalation. That is why it is now time for Congress to step in and stop the war."

Stop the escalation in Iraq - A non-binding resolution is not enough

I am writing to express my outrage and distress that after four years of a failed war and military occupation in Iraq, President Bush is trying to send even more U.S. troops there. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to do everything you can to stop this escalation.

As a supporter of Peace Action, and a deeply concerned citizen, I want you to know that a non-binding resolution is not enough - since Mr. Bush clearly doesn't care about either the facts on the ground or the wishes of the American public, who strongly oppose such an escalation, you must take responsibility to proactively stop this escalation.

More U.S. troops have not stopped the violence in Iraq before, and will not now. In fact, they will only provide more targets, and instigate more resistance. The only answer is to pull U.S. troops out, in a phased, responsible manner, and engage all parties and all of Iraq's neighbors in a process to stabilize the country and end the violence.

But above all, no more U.S. troops should be sent to Iraq. I urge you to do everything in your power to stop this.

Please let me know what you plan to do about this most crucial of issues.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Escalation in Iraq


No Escalation in Iraq

President Bush is about to propose to send more troops to Iraq and escalate the war. This would make things worse--getting us deeper into the quagmire. The American people sent a message in November that they want an end to the war. We, the undersigned, believe...

"Congress must act to block Bush's escalation in Iraq.
We need a responsible end to the war, not an escalation."

Dear Representative and Senators,

I am opposed to an escalation of the U.S. occupation in Iraq as President Bush is reportedly considering. Escalation is the wrong answer and should be off the table. Instead we should be working to end the war and start a responsible exit. The Congress should block the president's escalation. I urge you to support legislation that would do that.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bring Them Home Now

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