Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cheney Waterboarding

WaterboardingWaterboarding Thanks to the Vice-President of Torture for opening mouth and inserting waterboard...

Such a candid and spontaneous reaction to the reality he dwells in that thinks nothing of a little torture if it suits him...   Never mind that most confessions obtained under torture are not seen as effective for the effort of inflicting it or the worthless information it produces.

The White House transcript (hat tip to Dusty) is a very interesting read.   Cheney was in rare form and right at home with the wingnut radio hosts and just accidentally let the slip up of the day come blubbering out, without thought, contemplation or remorse...   How telling...   - ƒç

Cheney confirms that detainees were subjected to water-boarding

By Jonathan S. Landay
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney has confirmed that U.S. interrogators subjected captured senior al-Qaida suspects to a controversial interrogation technique called "water-boarding," which creates a sensation of drowning.

Cheney indicated that the Bush administration doesn't regard water-boarding as torture and allows the CIA to use it. "It's a no-brainer for me," Cheney said at one point in an interview.

Cheney's comments, in a White House interview on Tuesday with a conservative radio talk show host, appeared to reflect the Bush administration's view that the president has the constitutional power to do whatever he deems necessary to fight terrorism.

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Dusty's 'Right To Be A Little Left of Center - ( A classic - not to be missed... ) - Cheney endorses simulated drowning

Christian Science Monitor - Cheney confirms use of waterboarding

Majikthise... - Tony Snow lies about Dick Cheney's water boarding comments

Crooks and Liars - Tony Snow is lying for Cheney

Miami Herald - Cheney calls 'water-boarding' a valuable interrogation tool
The vice president confirmed that an interrogation technique that simulates drowning and has been called 'cruel and inhumane' was used on al Qaeda suspects.

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Blogger Jon said...

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Mon Oct 30, 04:43:00 AM EST  
Blogger Jon said...

Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't support water boarding, he supports using dunking as an interrogation tool. As usual the leftist media and so many of the liberal supporters don't have a clue that there is a difference between what Dick Cheney supports (dunking) and water boarding.
Water boarding as described by CIA Director Porter Goss used by interrogators is as follws:

The prisoner is bound to an inclined board, feet raised and head slightly below the feet. Cellophane is wrapped over the prisoner's face and water is poured over him. Unavoidably, the gag reflex kicks in and a terrifying fear of drowning leads to almost instant pleas to bring the treatment to a halt. According to the sources, CIA officers who subjected themselves to the water boarding technique lasted an average of 14 seconds before caving in.

So you can clearly see that what Dick Cheney talked about in the interview clearly is not water boarding, so you and all of the leftist media are making false accusation against the Vice President.

Mon Oct 30, 04:45:00 AM EST  
Blogger jillbeth said...

I find it abhorrent that the US would condone torture in any form. We are only lowering ourselves to the standards of those we fight against.

Tue Nov 14, 03:44:00 PM EST  
Blogger Jon said...


I guess you would prefer we just ask them nicely if they will tell us there hidden plans to kill as many Americans as they can and if they refuse we just let them go. Well, I am sorry to tell you that is ridiculous and insulting to our troops that are being killed by these enemy combatants you are protecting with your attacks on our government. These killers don't deserve compassion, they only deserve the same treatment they are planning on inflicting on us if they are allowed to prevail.

Sun Nov 19, 08:00:00 AM EST  
Blogger Dave Dragon said...

I have no problem with senior al-Qaida suspects being subjected to water-boarding.

I went through it in training as many have before me and after me.

It's real scary at a primal level and the panic triggers deep psychological responses that break down conscious and sub-conscious barriers to interrogation.

Water-boarding is very effective when used as part of a holistic approach to interrogation.

Initially, all the Intel harvested during the 1st session is highly suspect and treated as such.

During the time between the sessions the subject makes core survival decisions both consciously and sub-consciously that will surface the Intel with verifiable details in order to avoid the 2nd session.

Occasionally, the very strong willed may resist but will eventually succumb and provide the verifiable Intel.

It all goes to fill in the overall details.

Personally, I prefer chemical interrogations, but that’s just me.

When the tables are turned al-Qaida has no controls on their behavior and will do absolutely anything to anyone.

The shallow argument that we should not sink to their level comes from an idealistic paradigm that has no validity in the context of modern terrorism, where a single individual acts as a self contained suicide unit capable mass destruction of life; and command and control of said resources are maintained within a social network using anonymous communications mediums to provide insulation and cover for the leaders and willingly sacrifice anyone else's children, just not their own.

When an active player is captured, you have to get a brain dump by whatever means works, and water-boarding works when used as part of an overall approach to interrogation.

War is hell, always has been, always will be. The nature of war has not changed; the social acceptability or palatability of the means and tools of war has changed.

When you get down to the point, "where the metal hits the meat"; it's survival by any means. Torture, while not socially acceptable, none the less is a very real and usable tool of war. Our enemies will not hesitate to use it for its value, even if only used for propaganda or psychological ends, and we have to be prepared to face it and deal with it as a reality, and use it where it is uniquely capable of harvesting information from our enemies.

Ultimately, the enemy can control his destiny to great degree by cooperating and providing the Intel. This is a hard pill to swallow when a captive; but ultimately, everyone breaks. No one can withstand skilled interrogation over time. It's like gambling in a Casino; you may win minor victories but ultimately the House wins so you better be prepared to cut your losses.

Philosophers don't fight the wars, nor do the press or the socially hyper-conscious or the politicians or the diplomats and certainly not the cowardly who won't fight at all; not even for their own survival and certainly not the survival of others.

To a Warrior, actively engaged "where the metal hits the meat", none of the above entities are there to fight side-by-side with the warrior; but the above reside in relative safety and security and from that insulated position feel they possess superior insight into the nature of war, when in fact they only possess opinion, supported by socially acceptable and unrealistically lofty standards of behavior that they would instantly vacate if they found themselves "where the metal hits the meat", or perish.

Dave Dragon
US Veteran

Fri Dec 08, 09:48:00 PM EST  

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